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Mikaela’s Debut, The Black Dahlia Hotel One By Skye Michaels   PURCHASE

Greenwich, Connecticut’s golden couple, Dillon Cavanaugh and Mikaela Sexton, are staying at the Black Dahlia Hotel, in Fort Lauderdale, Florida for the wedding of Jack Dalton Brown and Kaylin Gallagher.  The new, luxurious hotel has a confidentiality guaranteed BDSM club on the top floor.  While at breakfast, Mikaela receives a text directing her to a You Tube video that shows what appears to be her naked butt starring in a sex tape.  The sender of the text threatens to post another video showing her face if she doesn’t pay up.

Handsome attorney and Congressional candidate, Dillon Cavanaugh, cannot afford a sex scandal involving his well-known girlfriend, but he is not willing to abandon the love of his life just to win an election.  When the blackmailer threatens to post the second video unless she pays five million dollars, Mikaela decides to go underground until the blackmailer can be unearthed to the dismay of her sexy Dom boyfriend.

Can they salvage Dillon’s election, their relationship and retrieve the damaging video before it hits You Tube?



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Vaughn’s Awakening, The Black Dahlia Hotel Two By Skye Michaels   PURCHASE

When Vaughn Rawlston, the science teacher at the prestigious Savannah Preparatory Academy, catches the twin daughters of Dom Jeremiah Wade cheating and turns them in, trouble ensues.  It follows her from Savannah to the new, very discreet and luxurious BDSM Black Dahlia Hotel on Fort Lauderdale Beach.  Alexa and Cindy, Vaughn’s friends since childhood, convince her to join them on a week-long trip to Fort Lauderdale for Christmas vacation.  Vaughn has accompanied Alexa and Cindy to Le Club Waterfront-Savannah as their guest but has not yet dipped her toes in the BDSM pool.

When Vaughn signs up for “Introduction to BDSM for subs” and “Bondage for Beginners” at the hotel she meets the handsome, wealthy Savannah restaurateur and Master Dom, Phillip Paul Proffit, who has a rep at the club for being not only eye candy but also a very good Dom.  He is also very choosy and doesn’t play with just any sub.  He has had his eye on the newbie sub at Le Club for a while, much to her surprise.

Paul may have played briefly with many subs at the club, but he doesn’t usually get involved with them until Vaughn.  Her voluptuous body, sharp mind and sense of humor captivate him and he begins to suspect that she is the one for him.  He is determined to introduce her to the pleasures to be found in the dungeon.

Paul isn’t the only Dom with his eye on Vaughn.   Jeremiah Wade, also a member of Le Club, is determined to force Vaughn to drop the cheating charges against his daughters in one way or another—at least he thinks that’s his motivation for stalking her at the hotel.  Can Paul save Vaughn and then convince her she doesn’t want to run away from him as well as the ugly and dangerous results of Wade’s obsession?



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Melodie’s Song, The Black Dahlia Hotel Three By Skye Michaels PURCHASE

Two years ago gallery owner, Melodie Buxton, was attacked and stabbed outside her art gallery in the Tribeca section of lower Manhattan.  When she awoke in the hospital with a knife wound on her face, she vaguely remembered the dark presence that held her barely conscious body and attempted to stop the bleeding.  After she left the hospital she was unable to find out his name.

Dom Logan Hawk, lead singer and guitar in Dark Place, a rock band popular with the alternative lifestyle communities, had seen the attack.  He had stopped to help the beautiful young woman he’d noticed in the neighborhood but had not yet gotten up the nerve to approach.  As he put pressure on her wound and felt her pulse under his hands and her blood flow through his fingers, he knew that their souls had bonded.

Two years after the attack, the angry red swirls running through the beautiful, tranquil pastel abstract painting in the window of Melodie’s gallery drew Logan.  The small signature at the bottom of the painting told him Melodie was the artist.  He wanted to walk into the gallery and talk to her but he hesitated.  He’d had glimpses of her through the gallery window since the attack and knew that she covered the side of her face where the scar would be.  One day on the urging of his band members he walked into the gallery to talk to her.  When she learned that he was her guardian angel she agreed to have lunch with him, and a relationship developed.

The cloud on the horizon came in the form of Logan’s dangerous female fan and stalker, Karin Sanders.   Karin realized that Logan and Melodie’s romance endangered her delusions of a relationship with Logan, and she is determined to get rid of her rival in any way she can.  Karin attacks Melodie on the street outside Rockefeller Plaza at the Christmas tree lighting ceremony, and Logan and Melodie retreat to the new BDSM hotel in Florida owned by his friend, Jack Dalton Brown.

Can Logan overcome Melodie’s need to hide her scar as well as the malevolent intentions of the stalker and compose a happy ever after?



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Penelope’s Gift, The Black Dahlia Hotel Four By Skye Michaels    PURCHASE

Penelope Wilson was planning on a fun, sexy Labor Day weekend at the lake with her boyfriend and Dom, Jay Preston Fairlamb, at the brothers’ fishing cabin on Lake Ray Hubbard East of Dallas.  When she arrived at the lake cabin she found that Jay had unilaterally decided that they would try a ménage.  He even had a woman all lined up and ready to go.  Penelope was shocked, hurt, furious and done, done, done with Jay Fairlamb.

Jay knew he’d handled the whole thing poorly.  He hadn’t expected Pen to storm off and cut him out of her life for the next five long years.  He knew he’d screwed it up, and over the next years he grew up.  He’d been a fairly inexperienced Dom and had been eager to try something new.  He just hadn’t expected it to cost him Penelope.  He hadn’t been able to breach her defenses or mend his fences, and he wanted her back.

When he learned that Penelope and two girlfriends were planning a week’s vacation at the luxurious, new BDSM Black Dahlia Hotel on Fort Lauderdale Beach, he knew this might be his one and only chance to corner Penelope and make her listen, or at least allow him to apologize and make whole something he knew he had carelessly broken.

Can a black mask and a lot of love heal their breach, or will Jay’s subterfuge blow up in his face permanently?



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Pansy’s Passion, The Black Dahlia Hotel Five By Skye Michaels  (Best read with Melodie’s Song, Book 3)    PURCHASE

Fashion designer, Pansy Nicholas, and Billie Crockett can’t seem to be in the same room together without fireworks.  As Melodie Buxton’s best friend, Pansy is constantly being thrown into the company of smart-ass, annoying Billie Crockett, Logan Hawk’s best friend and a member of the Dark Place band.  It doesn’t help that despite being a pain in the butt, he’s the sexiest man she’s ever met.  Billie has wanted to take command of Pansy since the first time he saw her.

Pansy’s Fashion Week Debut is jeopardized when Louie Capriccio, member of the Capriccio crime family, and the clothing manufacturer who is putting the finishing touches on Pansy’s collection, tries to muscle his way into her business.  Billie steps up to solve the problem, but refuses to tell Pansy how the miracle of dispensing with the Capriccio family has been accomplished.

In the midst of Fashion Week and the band’s six-city tour, Billie and Pansy manage to finally make a connection.  Logan decides to take the band and their significant others on a trip to The Black Dahlia Hotel on Fort Lauderdale Beach for a two week break after the tour.  Billie is determined to introduce Melodie to BDSM while they are at the exclusive hotel that has a secret BDSM dungeon on the top floor.  Things are going well until Pansy makes a fatal mistake and all hell breaks loose in their relationship.

Neither of them will budge.  Their short-lived romance seems to be on the rocks for good.  Can this relationship be saved in spite of two stubborn people who love each other?



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Jinxx’s Big BDSM Adventure, The Black Dahlia Hotel Six By Skye Michaels  PURCHASE

Jinxx Mason is a self-sufficient, capable woman who earns her living as a senior litigation paralegal in a prestigious Wall Street law firm.  Jinxx has lived on her own since her disappointing marriage.  She had recently experimented with some light play as a trainee sub at Le Club Eastside – Manhattan at the instigation of one of her friends.  While on Facebook, she made the long distance acquaintance of a California Dom, and over many months their relationship blossomed online through texts and emails and occasional telephone calls.

Troy Barnett is a construction engineer working various overseas projects, as well as a dangerous side line of recon into several Middle Eastern countries to assess the current status of their war-torn infrastructures.  During his clandestine trips over various borders, he is also trying to gain current intel on nuclear plant construction and capabilities for the U.S. government.  It’s dangerous, top-secret, clandestine work done undercover of his legitimate jobs as a civilian consultant on actual reconstruction projects.

Troy and Jinxx take the golden opportunity to finally meet in person at the ultra-luxurious BDSM Black Dahlia Hotel in Fort Lauderdale.  All goes well, and both realize they had not made a mistake falling in love on Facebook.  Can love conquer all and can their long-distance relationship survive the miles as well as Troy’s classified side line?


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Emma’s BDSM Education, The Black Dahlia Hotel Seven By Skye Michaels  PURCHASE

Emma Johnson, also known as Skye Mathews, the erotic romance author, met Connor Bailey at The Black Iris Club when her friends Ben Orsini and Leigh Braxton took her in as their guests to expand her writing creds.  The gorgeous local attorney and Dom offered to take Emma into sub training.   After meeting a few times, they agreed that Emma would spend a week at his house as his sub in training.  Emma’s education and horizons are broadened by many BDSM practices and trips to the luxurious Black Dahlia Hotel and Dungeon.  Things are going well until a ghost from Connor’s past comes back to haunt them both.  Can these two independent, strong-willed people form a bond that can survive the rigors of past relationships and everyday stresses?




Isabella’s Pirate Dom, The Black Dahlia Hotel Eight by Skye Michaels          PURCHASE AMAZON                       PURCHASE BOOKSTRAND

Isabella Ridgefield and her Dom, Chris Powers, accept Jamie Devereau’s invitation to visit the Black Dahlia Hotel and BDSM club in Fort Lauderdale, and to enjoy a cruise aboard the Golden Dolphin mega yacht from Fort Lauderdale to Tampa, Florida for the annual Gasparilla Days Pirate Festival.  All kinds of sexy hijinks abound as the passengers enjoy the secret BDSM club aboard as the ship travels around the Florida peninsula to Tampa Bay.

Isabella is surprised to run into an old boyfriend and Dom, Armando Moreno, at the Black Dahlia Hotel.  He ill-advisedly wants to resume the relationship that ended five years ago, bringing out some previously hidden insecurities.  Both Chris and Armando’s sub, Tiffany, are not happy about that idea.  Can their relationship survive the appearance of a dangerous ghost from her past?   But there is something else going on.  What is Armando up to in Tampa?






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