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Calleigh’s Collar, Le Club One, By Skye Michaels  PURCHASE


When Calleigh Roundtree, a young architect, is asked to design a renovation of an old Victorian mansion located in the historic district of Ocala, Florida, she works with local attorney Jason Steele on the plans. Sparks fly. Calleigh has no idea that it is to be a very private, luxurious BDSM club with only ten members. All of the renovation team sign confidentiality agreements.


Unbeknownst to Calleigh, she is overheard speaking about the project to a friend, thus breaching the confidentiality agreement, which puts her into the hands of Jason, one of the members of the club, for a weekend as his sub. When the members of the club find out she has breached the agreement, she is to be publicly punished at the club or face legal action for the breach of agreement. Calleigh has to trust Jason to handle the punishment and protect her. 



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KELLY’S CHALLENGE, Le Club Two, By Skye Michaels  PURCHASE

Justin Devereau, a member of Le Club Beaudelair – New Orleans moves to Ocala and becomes a member of Le Club Laurel Oak.  He meets and becomes interested in the assistant manager of the club, Kelly Anderson, who has no interest whatsoever in the Lifestyle.   Justin is a rather dark character, having come from a family in which the male members have long been into BDSM, going back to slave days on the plantation which he still owns.  He has issues to work through, and has to learn to lighten up.  He falls in love with Kelly, who has to learn to accept some of the d/s lifestyle if they are going to make it work, while he has to temper some of his tastes to accommodate Kelly.  Trent and Paula return from Book One and build their relationship.  Paula wants to occasionally top, and Trent has to learn to bottom and give up control once in a while.



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Anne’s Courage, Le Club Three, by Skye Michaels   PURCHASE

When bad boy businessman Jamison Devereau attends the wedding of his brother, Justin, now a member of the luxurious BDSM club known as Le Club Laurel Oak-Ocala located in a Victorian mansion in the historic district of Ocala, Florida, he meets the beautiful Anne Sutton, manager of Le Club.   Jamie moves into the club to keep an eye on Devereau Plantation South, the brothers= Florida horse farm while his brother is honeymooning in Europe.  Jamie finds Anne attractive and the type of woman he is looking for.  Anne is a few years older than Jamie and has serious body image issues to deal with due to her breast cancer that are not apparent on her glossy surface.  Although she is not involved in the BDSM Lifestyle, she is not opposed to it.  Jamie must get through the barriers to her heart, and must deal with his own dark baggage.



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PAULA’S COMMITMENT, Le Club Four, By Skye Michaels   PURCHASE

Trent Redding, a member of the private, luxurious BDSM club located in a Victorian mansion in the historic district of Ocala, Florida, and Paula Greenley, the tenacious and stubborn editor of a local lifestyle magazine, have had a rocky relationship.  Trent did not trust her motives.    Once past their initial problems, the relationship coasts on smoothly until Trent, a well-known heart surgeon, is called to Ecuador to participate in surgery to separate a set of abandoned conjoined twins. He falls for the twins and determines to bring them home with him.   Paula must open her heart to the adorable two year old twins while Trent must confront his feelings about Paula and adapt his bachelor ways to fatherhood.  They must find a way to combine their BDSM Lifestyle with family life, and Paula must see if she can make a permanent commitment to Trent and this fledgling family.



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MADISON’S CHOICE, Le Club Series Five, By Skye Michaels   PURCHASE

Madison Snow left Ocala as a college freshman  without telling her boyfriend she was pregnant after the breakup of their summer romance.  She returns to Ocala nine years later with her son, Nicholas.  She does not expect to see Ross Hamilton, successful thoroughbred horse trainer and father of her eight year old son again.  When Robbie Hamilton, a member of the club, recognizes a picture of Maddie=s son, she wonders whether the boy=s father is her husband or his brother.   Maddie and Ross are drawn to each other again, but she does not know if Ross wants her for herself or to be closer to the son he did not know he had.



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BELINDA’S CROWN, Le Club Series Six, By Skye Michaels   PURCHASE

Belinda Jones has been Rockstar’s jockey for his entire career and is planning on riding him to victory in the Triple Crown after her Kentucky Derby victory.  Matt Jackson, a member of the private, luxurious BDSM club known as Le Club Laurel Oak-Ocala located in a Victorian mansion in the historic district of Ocala, Florida, and another Thoroughbred breeder tried to hire her for his own racing stable, but she turned him down.  He realizes he wants Belinda for himself.   Will Belinda resist her attraction to Matt and ride Rockstar to the Triple Crown?





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