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The Appearance of Impropiety, The Horseman Series By Skye Michaels  PURCHASE

When Victoria Rose Aldrich de Alvarez, high-powered Miami litigation attorney and international level dressage rider, has a flat tire on the Florida Turnpike on her way to the Wellington horse show grounds, she meets handsome polo player, Zack Talbot, when he stops to help her out.

Zack and Tori hit it off in a big way and soon find themselves in a relationship that seems to have great promise.  When Zack becomes aware that they might have a conflict of interest with regard to a case Tori is handling in which Zack’s company, Z-Tech, is the Plaintiff, he knows he is in for a rough ride.  He has already developed feelings for her and is reluctant to confront the problem, hoping it will go away before Tori or her client, the unpleasant Mr. Green, learn of it.

When Tori finds herself facing a malpractice suit and possible disbarment, can Zack salvage the situation.  Can Tori forgive Zack, and can they mend their relationship?



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