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The workroom of Pansy’s Frocks, Tribeca section of New York City, New York, Saturday early evening, December 12, 2015


Pansy Nicholas hit “end” on her cell phone. Grrrr! That man made her crazy. She had dialed the loft to let Billie Crockett and the rest of the members of Dark Place, Logan Hawk’s band, know what was going on. Logan had his apartment, office, and music studio there, and the band had their rehearsal and recording space. Billie Crockett was Logan’s best friend, and the guys were all like brothers, only closer.  Pansy understood that.  She shifted uncomfortably in her chair.  And he makes my panties wet. How aggravating is that? Why? He was so not her type. Tight jeans and black T-shirts were all he seemed to wear, and she was a fashion designer with her own—albeit struggling—label.

Pansy adored Logan Hawk for the difference he had made in her best friend Melodie’s life, and the other guys in the band were great. Big teasers, but great. But Billie Crockett just made her nuts and had from the first time they had met.  Billie was the backup vocalist of Dark Place and played keyboard and occasional backup guitar. He was tall and wiry, with a mop of dark curls and soulful brown eyes that he used shamelessly. He was a smart-ass wise-guy who she thought took advantage of Logan’s good nature. And he was cocky in more ways than one. The one time they had danced together at a club, she had felt his hard-on rubbing against her belly through both their jeans. Yes, she knew it was a biological reaction, but still it made her nervous and twitchy.  It was crazy but she could feel her pussy contracting and readying itself for Billie whenever he got near her. Not that she would ever let him know she had a physical reaction to his presence.  No way.  No freaking way. Pansy was no shrinking violet. She held her own in the tough environment of the fashion industry and the New York Garment District, after all. But Billie Crocket…

Pansy pulled the pencil out of her loose and messy light-brown-and-blonde-streaked top-knot and picked up her ever-present sketch pad. She turned the page and did a quick pencil sketch of Billie Crockett. What was it about him that got to her, even though she really did not like him?


* * * *


The Loft, Stranahan Shoe Factory Building, Tribeca Section of New York, New York, Saturday early evening, December 12, 2015


Billie Crockett put the phone down and turned to the other guys in the band. “Karin Sanders grabbed Melodie at the shopping mall this afternoon and took off with her. That sheriff’s detective fiancé of Logan’s friend managed to retrieve her. Karin is in lockdown in the psyche ward of the hospital and is going to be charged with assault and kidnapping and whatever.  It’s all over, but I’m sure there will have to be a competency hearing or something before they lock her up and throw away the key. At least I hope they throw it away. In any event, Karin’s going to be locked up for a long time. Thank God.”

“Is Pansy all right? When did all this happen?” Tyler Easton was the drummer and multi-instrumentalist, playing xylophone, cymbals, and tambourine. He was tall and well-built with red hair and green eyes, and was intense and the quietest member of the band, despite the racket he made on the drums.

“Pansy is fine. You know she’s pretty tough and no-nonsense.” He frowned. “That woman makes the palm of my hand itch. I’d like to turn her over my knee and spank her nice, round ass.”

Guy Penrod, their bass guitar and sax and trumpet, who was tall, with a cut physique, classically handsome features and blue eyes that drove the girls crazy, glanced down at the front of Billie’s jeans. “Right. Have you ever met a woman you didn’t want to spank?”

“No, but that’s beside the point. Pansy Nicholas makes me nuts.”

“You’re a dog, Crockett,” Guy said.

“Woof, and I want to chase that pussy.”

Guy shook his head and continued. “So, are Logan and Mel coming home now?”

“No. They’ll be back after the cruise to Bermuda aboard that BDSM boat owned by Jamie Devereau, the Le Club guy.”

“Good. I guess they can both use the time to come down and relax after all that shit with Karin.”


* * * *


In the Hawk-Buxton Suite at The Black Dahlia Hotel, Fort Lauderdale Beach, Florida, Saturday evening, December 12, 2015


Logan Hawk grinned at his fiancé, Melodie Buxton. “You did that on purpose. We called Jasper, and we could have called Billie and the rest of the guys ourselves. Those two are like oil and water, and you know it.”

Melodie smiled up at Logan. “I know. They’re perfect for each other. It will never be boring, that’s for sure.”

“I think they’re more like explosives, and we should all take cover. Speaking of taking cover, why don’t we plan a couple of weeks here at The Black Dahlia around Valentine’s Day week? The band will need to decompress after our six-city tour, and your final surgery will be behind us. What do you say?”

“Can Pansy come? I’ll need a gal-pal if I have to spend two weeks with a bunch of rowdy rock ‘n roll guys.”

“Sure. That was my plan all along.” Logan reached for Melodie. He was so relieved to have the Karin Sanders nightmare over.

“Maybe I can close the gallery for a couple weeks and Jasper and Max can come, too.”

 “Fine with me. You can invite everyone, as long as we’re together.”  He brushed her long, glossy dark hair behind her ears and watched as her startling blue eyes closed when he kissed her. He was glad that she had stopped trying to hide her beautiful face with the slightly disturbing scar running from her temple to jawline.


* * * *


Melodie snuggled into Logan. “My hero.”

And he really was her hero. Not only had he probably saved her life on the sidewalk that day, but he’d brought her out of her shell and back to the world since he’d come back into her life. Her beautiful half-Apache, half-Irish warrior was not classically handsome, but he had presence. His craggy Native American face, dark chocolate eyes, and long dark hair worn in a ponytail set him apart. Energy emanated from his body, and as the lead singer and lead guitar of the band, he was electric on stage. Life with Logan Hawk would never be boring, either. She wanted her friend, Pansy, to find the same happiness she had found with Logan, and she had a sneaky suspicion that it just might be with the irrepressible Billie Crockett.





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