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Friday, October 28, 2016


Alex’s Sacrifice ~ The Walton Park Grand Hotel Series

Redz World Reviews 5 Shooting Stars

Alex’s Sacrifice by Skye Michaels is the first in The Wilton Park Grand Hotelseries. This book has the story of Alex and Jarred. Alex is my kind of character. He is smart, sassy, and has no problem with being himself. He is the kind of bottom who will be the boss if you let him. He is Jarred’s assistant. Nothing like being a cliché the secretary who falls for the boss. Good thing for Alex his boss falls for him right back.
Jarred is bi sexual. He is also ex military. He is big strong, and completely alpha. He runs Ransom Construction nation wide. He thinks he can tame the sassy Alex. But only time will tell if that works.
They have one bump in the road to romance. Jarred has an ex. And when Alex finds out about a son that looks like Jarred he does the right thing and tells him. I liked Alex more for that. He was not being deceptive. He really was honest even though that honesty sometimes hurt him too.
Over all this is a great read. I had one issue and this is more a preference thing than anything else. I don’t like blocks of time jumping. Where you have a paragraph or two of information and then you jump to something else. That happened a lot in this book. For me it was a bit jarring and took me out of the moment. However I am sure not everyone is gonna feel that way. It is a personal preference. I would love to see more from this series. I think this being a first book is a great start. I would love to see it progress and what happens next.
Friday, October 28, 2016
sm-theappearanceofimprpriety-full (2)
The Appearance of Impropiety
Redz World Reviews Four Twinkling Stars
The Appearance of Impropriety by Skye Michaels is part of the Horsemanseries. This book for me was okay. There is a little bit of mystery, a little bit of betrayal, and a whole lot of love inside this book. For me the character connections to me the reader was okay. I was not as invested as I would have liked but it is a good read over all.
Tori we get this story told backwards. We have her being on the verge of losing everything when we meet her. She then goes back and tells us the why of it all. I liked that introduction style made me want to know more about Tori and why everything happened the way it did.
I also liked Tori as a heroine. She is strong, smart, and loving all at the same time. Very much a heroine I can get behind.
Zack is a smart and funny character. With tons of charm, I think his secrets kept me from truly liking him. He just never seemed to be the kinda man I could see with Tori. But at the end I could see why I felt that way and how he did come off as needing a little more something.
Over all this is a good read. I liked the storyline and pace of this story. I would like to see more in the series and see where it goes next. 


skm-gd-ivoriessurprise3 (2)

Monday, June 27, 2016

S.E.X. in the Spotlight Review 5 Handcuff review for Ivorie’s Surprise by by Evelise Archer of S.E.X. (Sexy Erotic Exciting) Reviews

Book 1 in Skye Michaels the Golden Dolphin series was sensual and erotic. Fast-paced, Ivorie’s Surprise delivered romance and intrigue set along the backdrop of the Amazon.

Ivorie and Drew were wonderfully written characters and Ms. Michaels captured their essence while giving the readers a sexually charged tale. Ivorie’s introduction into the world of BDSM was well written with careful guidance from Drew through Ms. Michaels’ pen.

The scenic travels of the Amazon brought realism to the forefront and the author created a world any traveler would desire to embark.

No spoilers but Ivorie’s surprise is more than a sexy man with a little kink thrown in. Read Ivorie’s Surprise and find your sexy adventure is just one turn-page away.

Book provided by author/publisher in exchange for an honest review

Definite S.E.X.

A five handcuff review


Skye-Michaels-erotic-books-sex-skye michaels books-BDSM-man-love-damaged-dom

October 27, 2015

Check out this great 5 Handcuff review for Mac’s Damaged Dom by Evelise Archer of S.E.X. (Sexy Erotic Exciting) Reviews


Double amputee, Steel  Cameron, has had grief and been a self-imposed recluse since his accident and failed marriage.  Mac Smith worked for an engineering company researching bionic prosthetics and was in need of trial patients. Having his eye on the imposing Dom, Mac figured a working relationship could only foster a personal D/s one so Mac approached and took the plunge.

Skye Michaels’ Mac’s Damaged Dom, The Wilton Park Grand Hotel #6 was thoughtfully and carefully written.  Ms. Michaels slowly simmered the relationship between Steel and Mac, paying careful attention to Steel’s need for privacy as he healed and dealt with personal insecurities.

I  did not feel as if the book was rushed, neither on the relationship front nor the exploration of post-war injuries.  Ms. Michaels’ research brought forth the importance of seeking help in the face of demons and the solace which can be achieved when you open yourself to others who have your best interests at heart.

Mac was a caring man, who not only desired a D/s relationship with Dominant Steel, but also a man who would put his emotional feelings aside to help Steel achieve a sence of self-worth.

As always, Skye Michaels’ attention to detail  with her characters allowed the book to read with fluidity.  Friends from previous series cross over adding to the depth of this tale.

Mac’s Damaged Dom was heart-warming and genuine.

(Book provided by author/publisher in exchange for an honest review)

Definite S.E.X.

A five handcuff review



BDSM Skye Michaels Erotic Romance


Four and a Half Handcuff Review for Mikaela’s Debut

By Evelise of Sexy Erotic Xciting – S.E.X. Review

Mikaela’s Debut, The Black Dahlia Hotel #1, was a sensual escapade of mystery, intrigue and devotion.  Power couple Mikaela and Dillon are on an excursion, attending the wedding of close friends.   While in attendance, Mikaela received a text informing her of an uploaded video, about to be released of her in compromising positions, if she doesn’t pay up.  No desire to give into the demands of the extortionist, Mikki and Dillon begin the trek to uncover the perpetrator with the help of friends.  Soon, shock and dismay lead to the discovery of the blackmailer, dampening Mikki’s spirits, forcing her to realize that together she and Dillon are stronger than separate.  Skye Michaels delivered an amorous tale that drew on the emotions of the main characters and gave credence to realism.  The backdrop of the rich and famous was well-constructed, sans being over the top.  The elements of BDSM added subtle nuances into the lives of Mikki and Dillon, as well as the circles in which they traveled.  Additionally the underlying BDSM theme was not the central focal point of the story, but more laid a foundation for the personalities of the main characters.  Under no circumstances was Mikaela a wall flower, allowing her man to dictate her life.  She was though, a strong woman with submissive tendencies, which merged with Dillon’s dominance.  Ms. Michaels aptly portrayed strength and security for both dominant and submissive


Sexy and SIzzling

Four and a half handcuff review.


TITLE:   Lots More Fun Than I Thought It Would Be – A Guy’s Perspective

I read Skye Michaels book, Mikaela’s Debut, and found that I liked it despite the preconceived idea that a guy couldn’t enjoy a romance novel.   The blackmail scheme and political aspects were interesting.  The sex was hot, the story moved right along, and the characters were well drawn.  I think this will be a good series for men as well as women.




Five Handcuff Review for Emma’s BDSM Education by Evelise Archer of S.E.X. (Sexy Erotic Exciting) Reviews

Emma’s passion is writing.  BDSM style.  But what she really wants is a crash course in the lifestyle in order to give her books an edge.  Her best friend Ben is already in the lifestyle, sub to Dr. Leigh, when Leigh proposes Emma train as a sub with eligible Dom, Connor.  Skye Michaels takes romance writer, Emma, through the paces in her newest creation, Emma’s BDSM Education, The Black Dahlia Hotel #7.

Ms. Michaels delivered sexy dialogue and training, putting Connor and Emma together as they traversed the murky waters of starting a new relationship with the side pressure of training a snarky and willful sub with the merits of good behavior.

I enjoy Ms. Michaels’ work, and each book in her series brings forth a different event or passion – no two books are alike.  I also appreciate the elements of humor infused into the stories, thus taking away any heaviness in the subject matter.

Emma’s BDSM Education is a nice addition to the series, enlarging the circle of friends in the Fort Lauderdale based hotel/club series and further cementing the relationships forged throughout.

Definite S.E.X.

A five handcuff review



erotic bdsm romance skye michaels

Five Handcuff Review for Gabriella’s Prosecution

By Evelise of Sexy Erotic Xciting – S.E.X. Review

Gabriella’s Prosecution, book 3 in The Black Iris Club by Skye Michaels  was sexy and sensual. Gabriella and Miguel were a dynamic team both in the legal world and the bedroom.

Miguel came from a long line of Spaniards with the proclivity towards sadism and was the State’s Attorney for the State of Florida.  Gabriella was his Assistant State Attorney, who for the past two years had fought her feelings for the hunky Latin.

Finally succumbing to his charm and persistence, Gabriella decided to take the plunge and the rest became heated bliss.

Add in a gang related crime, a criminal trial, and need to submit and Gabriella’s Prosecution rocked my world.

As a Latina, I appreciated Ms. Michaels’ attention to detail when describing Miguel, his family and his origins.  The author created a world which took this reviewer back to her roots.  Miguel was stoic and full of passion and strength.  Additionally, Gabriella, although a submissive, displayed a lusty appetite rivaling her lover’s demeanor in the courtroom and the bedroom.

Gabriella’s Prosecution delivered characters with substance, beautifully written dialogue and steamy sex scenes.

Ms. Michaels’ Miguel Gatto is my new go-to hunk.

Definite S.E.X.

A five handcuff review



Five Handcuff Review for Jinxx’s Big BDSM Adventure by Evelise Archer of S.E.X. (Sexy Erotic Exciting) Reviews



Jinxx’s Big BDSM Adventure by Skye Michaels  was a wonderful read and a tad different from the other books in The Black Dahlia Hotel series.  I have enjoyed this series from the get-go, and Jinxx’s story has been no different.

Jinxx forms a relationship with Troy—a Scotsman with a big secret—through social media.  Eventually Jinxx and her group of friends travel to the Black Dahlia Hotel for a New Year’s week extravaganza.  Troy agrees to meet Jinxx in Florida and the relationship which formed through correspondence takes off without a hitch in person.

I loved Jinxx’s attitude and tenacity.  She was an independent woman who knew what she wanted professionally and personally.   She was no-nonsense and lived life by her own rules.   Her desire to submit only enhanced her loving qualities yet at times I also found them to be her slight downfall.

Ms. Michaels’ portrayal of Troy as the strong alpha Dom radiated throughout the pages.  The man fell for the red-headed paralegal and immediately knew he wanted her in his life as a partner and submissive.   I loved that about him.  What I had a hard time with was the slight double standard I felt emanated from Troy.  At times he appeared selfish in his thought process.  No spoilers, but I wondered how the man could have his feelings hurt at something Jinxx called him, yet he had knowingly lied to her.   Jinxx was a good woman who took his flaws and his love equally and embraced them.

Ms. Michaels always delivers a steamy story with great characters and her series should not be missed.

Definite S.E.X.

A five handcuff review



Five Handcuff Review for Melodie’s Song

By Evelise of Sexy Erotic Xciting – S.E.X. Review

Sensual and sexy, words to describe Skye Michaels’ – Melodie’s Song –  book 3 in The Black Dahlia Hotel series.

Melodie and Logan were wonderfully sexy and energetic characters.  Wrought with insecurities due to tragedy, Melodie Buxton emerged as a strong woman with a sense of self-worth and inner beauty.

Logan, musician and Dominant, had always wondered about the woman he saved two years prior, and finally took the plunge and approached her.  Grateful for Logan’s previous chivalry, and attracted to him, Melodie needed little encouragement to begin a relationship with the very alpha male.

Ms. Michaels delivered a beautifully written tale of acceptance and strength as her characters grew psychologically and emotionally.  Logan’s not so quiet forte wrapped Melodie in a protective blanket, proving to her that her beauty need not always be worn on the outside, but more importantly on the inside.

The sexual desires and exploits of the Dom and his submissive were well written with clarity and care.  I love a dominant man who conveys a tender streak —Kudos to Ms. Michaels for delivering Logan Hawk.

Although characters from the previous books in the series are mentioned in book 3, Melodie’s Song can be read as a stand-alone.  The author’s attention to detail was impeccably done, whether describing a scene room or the Fort Lauderdale area.

My recommendation—run, don’t walk and treat yourself to all the books in The Black Dahlia Hotel series.

Definite S.E.X.

A five handcuff review



Five Handcuff Review for Pansy’s Passion by Evelise Archer of S.E.X. (Sexy Erotic Exciting) Reviews



Pansy’s Passion took me on an emotional roller coaster of trials and tribulation for main characters Pansy and Billie— one that I was not sure where it would end.  Skye Michaels captured my attention with secondary characters  from Melodie’s Song and delivered their own dynamic tale that was well worth the read.


Pansy and Billie have been at odds ever since they first met.  Drawn to each other physically, yet emotionally unsure—that is until they decide to take the plunge and see where the attraction leads them.  I adored Pansy’s self-assured attitude, all the while allowing for her submission to surface.  Billie, although a Dom, was not overbearing, and his love for friends and Pansy emanated through Ms. Michaels’ portrayal of his demeanor.


Ms. Michaels The Black Dahlia Hotel has become one of my favorite series.  Carefully written, each book can be read as a standalone, but together they pack a punch that should be fully experienced.


Definite S.E.X.

A five handcuff review




Five Handcuff Review for Penelope’s Gift

By Evelise of Sexy Erotic Xciting – S.E.X. Review


A ticked-off sub and a slightly overeager Dom, equals what?  The answer is simple – another winner by author Skye Michaels,  Penelope’s Gift.   Five years ago, Jay Fairlamb knew he made the biggest mistake of his life when his bright idea of a menage with his submissive backfired.  Slightly immature and eagerly wanting to express his Dom status, Jay soon realized that Penelope wanted no part of sharing her lover.  Years later, Jay used trickery in his attempt to get Penelope back.  After the mind blowing sex and Penelope realizing who her masked lover truly was, all Jay got was a toss in the pool.

Ms. Michaels wrote of growth and maturity as both characters waded through their issues and found their way back to each other.  Penelope’s Gift was not only a tale of scenes and BDSM, but a story of personal evolution and acceptance.


Jay’s character especially progressed throughout the story.  His spoiled, I want what I want attitude morphed into a loving man, who discovered that sometimes others are more important, yet Ms. Michaels allowed him to maintain his alpha status.  The chemistry between Penelope and Jay radiated through the pages and whether scening or talking, they heated my e-reader.


I adore The Black Dahlia Hotel series and Penelope’s Gift did not disappoint.


Definite S.E.X.

A five handcuff review




Five Handcuff Review for Ricky’s Dilemma

By Evelise of Sexy Erotic Xciting – S.E.X. Review


Ricky’s Dilemma by Skye Michaels was a wonderful addition to The Wilton Park Grant Hotel series.  Ricky, an out and proud hair stylist, had the pleasure of Sam McCade walking into the salon where he worked for a snip and style.  Sam, a consultant for Homeland Security happened to be on vacation at the Wilton Park Grand Hotel.  The Dom was immediately smitten with the fiery Latin.  Ricky and Sam hit it off right away even with Ricky’s reservations of a D/s relationship.  What I enjoyed about the book — the focus was not necessarily on the physical aspect of the D/s relationship but the trust involved and the cultural  issues with being a Latin man – machismo.  Even though Ricky was gay and not the norm of what his very culturally-sound family would have wanted, his upbringing still played a part in his life and the pot6ential bond with Sam.


Ms. Michaels did a lovely job of depicting the ramifications  of a stoic Mexican extended family and their attitudes.  She delivered Ricky’s reservations with clarity, whether talking about his parents or his lack of trust to divulge  to Sam the real reason he agreed to return to Mexico with him.


I appreciated Ms. Michaels continuously bringing in past characters from her other series and intertwining their lives to enhance the plot and depth of the story.


Definite S.E.X.

A five handcuff review


erotic bdsm skye michaels

Five Handcuff Review for Vaughn’s Awakening

By Evelise of Sexy Erotic Xciting – S.E.X. Review

Vaughn’s Awakening was a lovely tale of sexual exploration and gratification.  Vaughn was by no means sexually repressed, but a few extra pounds in the posterior and height that many men would be intimidated by, had wreaked havoc on her psyche.  Talked into fun in the sun at the Black Dahlia Hotel and their exclusive BDSM club, Vaughn and her best girlfriends look for no strings attached D/s satisfaction.

Prior to leaving Savannah, Georgia and the school in which she taught, Vaughn had an issue with the daughters of Dom Jeremiah Wade.  Caught cheating, the girls have the potential to be expelled much to their father’s dismay.

Running in the same BDSM circles, Wade stalks Vaughn in an attempt to persuade her to recant her story of the cheating.  Good thing Master Paul had a thing for Vaughn and decided she was his one.

Skye Michaels once again regaled us with a smartly written BDSM book without being hard-core or over the top.  A vibrant streak of sensuality and entertainment graced the pages as the story unfolded, taking the reader into the mind of the characters.  Laced with humor, friendship and camaraderie, Vaughn’s Awakening was all the better because of the close knit community the friends presented.

Ms. Michaels took an ordinarily beautiful woman, well-endowed and sans a runway model physique, and breathed life into her, allowing her to accept her true self both physically and psychologically.

Paul was an alpha male, a Dom.  His characterization endeared me to his personality, as Ms. Michaels delivered a Southern charm, a gentle hand, and an unselfish lover.

Once again Skye Michaels delivered stimulating relationships and hot sex.


Definite S.E.X.

A five handcuff review


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