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Ivorie’s Surprise, Golden Dolphin One by Skye Michaels  PURCHASE

When the Devereau brothers, members of the BDSM club known as Le Club Laurel Oak–Ocala, buy a super yacht named the Golden Dolphin for the purpose of around-the-world BDSM cruises, they hire the Greek captain, Constantine Cortelis, and Alexander Dragados as chief mate.  The Golden Dolphin BDSM club is to be run by Gregory Dempsey and Natasha Romanova from LeClub Beaudelaire–New Orleans.

Billionaire businessman, Drew Blessingame, has a less than pleasant personality in his dealings with his office staff.  After having recently broken his engagement with socialite, Eugenia Cartwright, he decides not to cancel his cruise aboard the luxurious three-hundred foot super yacht.  Drew takes one of his executive assistants, Ivorie James, with him on the cruise.  Ivorie would rather go to the dentist than spend three weeks on a ship with Drew Blessingame.  But a miracle happens.  Drew becomes human, and Ivorie becomes smitten.  When Drew’s ex-fiancé, Eugenia, realizes she made a huge tactical error in letting Drew get away, she decides to get him back at any cost – even if that means getting rid of Ivorie.  Can Ivorie survive Eugenia’s machinations, and can Drew overcome his doubts about his lack of good judgment and make a commitment to Ivorie before it’s too late?


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Harper’s Submission, Golden Dolphin Two By Skye Michaels  PURCHASE

The Devereau brothers, members of the exclusive BDSM club known as Le Club Laurel Oak–Ocala, have purchased a super yacht named the Golden Dolphin for the purpose of very discreet and private around-the-world BDSM cruises.  They have hired the Greek captain, Constantine Cortelis, and Alexander Dragados as Chief Mate, as well as Gregory Dempsey and Natasha Romanova from LeClub Beaudelaire–New Orleans to run the shipboard club.

High-powered Manhattan attorney and Domme, Harper Cameron, has just finished a four month trial and she’s tired – tired of being the one on the line, the one in control, the one responsible for the outcome of the very complicated antitrust trial that was make-or-break for her firm.  The unrelenting, but undisclosed, attraction she had felt for her client had not made the trial any easier.  She had pulled it off and gotten a verdict for her client, but she needed a chance to get away and rejuvenate.

Harper’s client, the reclusive multi-millionaire businessman Morgan Court, is a member of Le Club Eastside – Manhattan where he has seen the Domme, Harper Cameron.  He has had his eye on the sexy attorney since the first time he saw her.  Out in public, aided by the clear lens glasses he often wears a la Clark Kent, nondescript clothing, and his uncanny ability to blend in to his surroundings, he hides a stunning physique and handsome face.  When he goes to Le Club Eastside, he wears a mask. His extreme penchant for privacy has made him a target for newspapers and gossip magazines.

After the trial is over he invites Harper to accompany him on a cruise aboard the Golden Dolphin.  She decides to take him up on his no-strings-attached offer to enjoy a BDSM cruise aboard the luxurious three-hundred foot super yacht.  She is unaware that he has decided that she is going to bottom for him.   Little does he know that he’s met his match.  It won’t be easy to dominate the beautiful, sexy, and determined Harper, who has demons of her own to conquer.  But despite her reluctance to become involved with him, she finds Morgan Court compelling and sexy.  She’s going to have a fight on her hands.


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Violette’s Vibrato, Golden Dolphin Three By Skye Michaels  PURCHASE

Violette O’Reilly, concert violinist, is injured by a fall down the stairs in the subway after an evening performance at Lincoln Center.  Her Dom, well-known Manhattan real estate developer, Nik Rossiter, convinces her to recuperate aboard the Golden Dolphin, the three hundred foot super yacht on a BDSM cruise to Rio de Janeiro for Carnival while he looks into the incident.  Violette can’t believe anyone would hurt her on purpose, but Nik is sure it’s not an accident.  Can Nik protect Violette from a jealous friend and the Russian mob can he convince her she wants to spend the rest of her life with him?  Throw in some sexy jewels thieves and you’re in for a hot trip to Rio.  The usual suspects are aboard including Captain Constantine Cortelis, First Mate Alexander Dragados, Saltydawg, and Jamie Deverau and Anne Sutton.


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Cassandra’s Revenge, The Singles Cruise, Golden Dolphin Four By Skye Michaels  PURCHASE

Savannah jewelry designer, Cassandra St. Clare, agrees to accompany her best friend, interior designer, Devon James, on a singles cruise aboard the Golden Dolphin, a three hundred foot super yacht.  The cruise was a prize in a charity raffle at Le Club Waterfront-Savannah, a BDSM club located in an old cotton warehouse on the Savannah River, and promises to be a blast.  Although Cassandra has only been an infrequent guest of Devon’s at Le Club, she’s game to give the BDSM cruise a try.

The Golden Dolphin provides a very discreet, luxurious and private venue for BDSM cruises.  The Greek captain, Constantine Cortelis, Alexander Dragados, the Chief Mate, as well as Gregory Dempsey and Natasha Romanova are all aboard again.  And surprisingly, of course, the lovely Baxter sisters, jewel thieves extraordinaire!

Cassie is shocked to discover that the boyfriend who stood her up on her senior prom night is aboard and is apparently now a Dom.  It had been fifteen years since she last saw him.  At first she is tempted to bolt, but when she realizes that he did not recognize her, she decides to stick it out.  She would just avoid him at all costs.

Beaumont Bainbridge finds the tall blonde stunning and wonders why she heads the other direction every time he looks her way.  He can’t figure her out.  Every other woman aboard is clamoring for his attention—just like they always do.  Beau doesn’t understand why the beautiful Sandy is giving him the cold shoulder.  Can he figure it out and maybe even warm her up?


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PANDORA’ BOX, Golden Dolphin Five by Skye Michaels  PURCHASE

After her sister’s death, Pandora Wescott, freelance wildlife photographer, had packed up a box full of camera equipment that belonged to her older half-sister, the famous fashion photographer, Petra Taylor, and taken it home.  Petra had taken her own life in her New York apartment and left a note saying that she was sorry, but she just couldn’t go on without her “Master.”

In looking through the photos stored on one of Petra’s digital cameras, Pandora is shocked to find out that Petra had been deeply involved in an extreme lifestyle.  Pandora is not a prude, but she finds the graphic pictures disturbing.  Petra had never confided this side of her life to Pandora.

Pandora had tried to gain entry to the secret Le Club Eastside–Manhattan to which Petra and her unknown “Master” belonged, but since the club was for members only, she had been unable to get any further than the lobby.  Although sympathetic, the strict confidentiality agreement signed by all members and guests prohibited the club from giving her any information.

While clearing out Petra’s apartment, Pandora learns that the previous year Petra and her Master had taken a cruise up the Amazon River aboard the three hundred foot luxury yacht, the Golden Dolphin which provides a venue for discrete BDSM cruises.

Desperate for information about Petra and her Master, Pandora manages to book an Alaskan cruise on the Golden Dolphin under the pretense that she wants to take the new sub training class while completing a photography assignment in Alaska for a wildlife magazine.

Once on board she meets the handsome and enigmatic neurosurgeon, Dr. John Grayson.   Gray is intrigued by the beautiful but strangely reticent Pandora.  He is determined to make her his sub and to find out what unhappiness is lurking beneath her surface.

Gray is traveling with his colleague and friend, Trent Redding and his wife, Paula, and their friends from Ocala, Jason and Calleigh Steele and Justin and Kelly Devereau.  Gray had been Trent’s weekend guest at the very luxurious Le Club Laurel Oak–Ocala on many occasions and had agreed to teach the Master Dom training class offered on the ship while he is trying to get over an unexpected setback in his own personal life, the tragic death of his former sub.  The group from Ocala is intending to enjoy the cruise and check out a promising gold mining investment in the Alaskan wilderness.

Gray is blown away when he meets the beautiful photographer, but will the secrets in their pasts destroy any chance of a relationship?



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Hannalore’s Treasure, Golden Dolphin Six By Skye Michaels   PURCHASE

Tyler Brandon is Stanford’s bad boy professor of archaeology.  As the head of the Heritage and Archaeology Department, he is known as “Indiana Ty” by the students in his classes, and he enjoys an adventurous lifestyle exploring the world for new finds.  As a certified hunk with a love ‘em and leave ‘em reputation with the ladies, he is sought after by every star struck coed on campus.  He is seen at University events with a different gorgeous woman on his arm each time.

Ty’s teaching assistant, Hannalore Bascomb, is as buttoned up a young woman as could be found on a modern California campus.  Raised by her elderly grandmother after the death of her parents in a rock climbing accident when she was three, Hanna is ill-equipped to deal with Dr. Brandon.  As her supervisor and thesis advisor she has been in a position to witness the parade of beautiful women coming and going from his life over the past year, and she is extremely wary of the handsome professor with the dark and dangerous good looks.  Despite his efforts to flirt with her, she knows she is no match for his tons of experience. Talk about the lion and the lamb.  She knows she wouldn’t stand a chance.

Hanna is torn when she has an opportunity to accompany Dr. Brandon on an expedition to view a recently discovered cenote, or sinkhole used for Mayan ritual sacrifice, in Guatemala preparatory to filing the necessary excavation permits with the Guatemalan government.  Which will win out—the excitement of the find and the opportunity for some hands-on field experience to broaden the scope of her doctoral thesis or the danger of too much exposure to the handsome Ty Brandon?

Ty is curious to see if the luscious body hinted at under the high-necked lace blouses and mid-calf length skirts worn by his very shy and retiring assistant is a figment of his imagination or a treasure to be discovered and plundered.  He knows that if he can convince her to take the cruise to Central America with him aboard the Golden Dolphin, a three hundred foot super yacht that provides a very discreet, luxurious and private venue for BDSM cruises, he might be able to find out.  He has recently been dissatisfied with the transitory nature of his current lifestyle and thinks he might be ready for a change.

Add in the continuing saga of Captain Con Cortelis and Purser Casey Campbell, some nefarious looters, and fractious natives guarding their ancestral ritual grounds, and you have a rocking good time on the Golden Dolphin’s cruise down the coast of California, Mexico, Central America and through the Panama Canal to her home port of Miami.



Casey's Last Chance

Casey’s Last Chance, Golden Dolphin Seven by Skye Michaels   PURCHASE


The Golden Dolphin, a 300 foot mega yacht owned by Devereau Shipping which hosts secret BDSM cruises around the world, is making a transatlantic crossing to the Mediterranean for a Greek Islands cruise.  The fun includes a hurricane at sea, an encounter with some pirates and Captain Con’s confrontation with his controlling Greek grandmother who wants him to marry a Greek shipping heiress, as well as some hot romance and BDSM action in the onboard Dungeon. It tells the story of gorgeous Greek Captain Constantine Cortelis, and beautiful red-headed purser, Casey Campbell, whose story has woven through the previous six books.  After their tumultuous history, can Casey survive the excitement and can Con and Casey finally get past their problems and cement their on again-off again relationship?  This is the final book of this series and is a stand alone, although it is fun to know the stories of past passengers.






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