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Alex’s Sacrifice, The Wilton Park Grand Hotel One by Skye Michaels   PURCHASE

Alex Richmond had been in love with his rough, tough, impatient boss, Jarred Ransom since he started at Ransom Construction six months ago.  He had no idea that Jarred was bisexual, but on a business trip to Fort Lauderdale, he discovers that Jarred wants to introduce him to BDSM.

While they are dining at The Black Dahlia Hotel, Alex overhears one side of a phone conversation that throws him for a loop.  A past sub of Jarred’s reveals that she has a son that looks like Jarred.  Alex has no choice but to tell Jarred that he may have a child that he was unaware of.   When little Benji is in danger, the parental instincts of both men surface, and Alex is prepared to sacrifice his love for Jarred for Benji’s happiness.  Can they save Benji and can Jarred convince Alex they can have it all?



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Ricky’s Dilemma, The Wilton Park Grand Hotel Two by Skye Michaels     PURCHASE

Rickie Estavez had immigrated to the United States twelve years ago when life in Mexico had become unbearable.   His traditional Mexican family could not accept his homosexuality.   Mexican culture was not tolerant of that particular deviation from the norm.   In the ensuing years Rickie had managed to make a life for himself in the predominantly gay suburb of Fort Lauderdale called Wilton Park.  He had a comfortable life, work, friends, and the little house he was renovating.  He was happy.

While basically estranged from his entire family, Rickie remained close to his fraternal twin brother, Fernando, a rising star in the State Attorney’s Office in Mexico City.  Fernando’s successful prosecution of members of the Juarez drug cartel put Fernando in the cross-hairs of a cartel death sentence, and he had gone into hiding at the family beach house on Cozumel.

Dom Sam McCade, special consultant to Homeland Security on the illegal immigration issue, was staying at the exclusive and very expensive Wilton Park Grand Hotel for his first vacation in years.  When Sam walked into the Zen Way hair salon where Rickie worked for a haircut, both men were instantly smitten.

A relationship developed, but Rickie felt he couldn’t confide his brother’s problem to the government consultant.  When the opportunity for Rickie to accompany Sam on a luxury New Years’s cruise to Cozumel aboard the Golden Dolphin, arises, Rickie can’t pass up the possible opportunity to rescue his brother from the drug cartel.

Can Rickie save his brother from the Juarez cartel, and can he salvage the relationship with Sam that was damaged by his lack of trust?



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Danny’s Escape, The Wilton Park Grand Hotel Three by Skye Michaels  PURCHASE

Danny Holcomb is involved in an unhealthy and dangerous Master/slave relationship with sadistic Dom Randy Newman.  When Randy leaves Danny beaten and barely conscious in the dungeon theme room at The Black Iris Club, Dom Jack Dalton Brown steps in.  Jack moves Danny out of his apartment and into a secluded cottage that is off the grid on the grounds of The Wilton Park Grand Hotel.  The WPG is an elegant boutique hotel catering to a gay clientele, owned by Jack’s investment group.  Jack also gives Danny the job of assistant manager of the WPG.  Danny is struggling to heal from his ordeal at the hands of Randy Newman who has been encouraged none too gently by Jack Brown and his friends to leave town and to leave Danny alone.

Rush Tanner, a sex therapist and psychologist from New York is planning to move his practice to Fort Lauderdale.  At the urging of Jack Brown, Rush meets Danny at the Brown-Gallagher wedding at The Black Dahlia Hotel on Christmas Eve.  Despite early fireworks, Danny and Rush hit it off, and their relationship is on the way to becoming important to both of them.

At the New Year’s Eve gala at The Wilton Park Grand, Danny is spotted by one of Randy’s friends.  Randy had been looking for Danny but had been unable to track him down.  Randy begins staking out the Wilton Grand in hopes of catching sight of Danny.  When he gets the opportunity, he abducts Danny.

Can Rush and their friends from security at The Black Dahlia track Danny down in time to save him from Randy Newman’s wrath?  Will Rush and Danny’s relationship survive another catastrophe at the hands of Randy Newman?



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Shane’s Seduction, The Wilton Park Grand Hotel Four by Skye Michaels    PURCHASE

Young attorney, Shane Beckett, junior associate at McGrath & Temple, LLP, has known he was gay since high school, but he has never had the courage to come out of the closet.  A series of straight relationships that had not worked out have left him conflicted as he struggled to come to terms with his sexual preference.

Shane is given the assignment to review the due diligence package for a restaurant acquisition file for the bi-sexual, enigmatic, handsome and powerful restauranteur and Dom, Cordell McAdam.  On Shane’s first trip up to The Black Iris Club in their office building, Shane is introduced to Cord McAdam.  He is stunned when he finds out that his co-workers had thought him gay all along despite his attempts at camouflage with his ex-girlfriend Nicole.  Thinking Shane and Cord might make a good connection, senior partner Dan McGrath introduces the two.

Cord takes newbie sub, Shane, under training and opens the world of BDSM for him.  Their relationship is becoming more and more important to each of them although neither has said the words.  Cord is encouraging Shane to come out of the closet and live his life on his own terms.  The situation hits critical mass when Shane’s parents come down from Connecticut to visit him in Fort Lauderdale.   Shane’s inability to confront his parents with the facts and his relationship with Cord drives a wedge between them.

Can young Shane man up, confront his parents with the truth and come to an understanding with them?  Can Cord forgive the betrayal he felt when Shane denied their relationship?



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Ben’s Dr. Dom, The Wilton Park Grand Hotel Five by Skye Michaels   PURCHASE

Ben Orsini, head surgical nurse for the world renowned plastic surgeon, F. Leigh Braxton, has been in love with his boss since he’d hired onto the surgical team two years ago.  It had seemed an impossible crush since the tall, gorgeous blond god had a live in love, Nixon Jones.

When Nix was caught playing the field while Dr. Leigh was out of town, their relationship came to a crashing halt.  It was obvious to Ben and the others in the office that Nix had been along for the ride and whatever he could get.   It just took Leigh a little time to figure it out.

When Leigh decides to volunteer for a month on the Caribbean Compassion, a charity hospital ship providing free surgeries and critical medical care in poor Caribbean countries, he asks his nurse to go along.  Apparently Ben had been on Dr. Leigh’s radar for a while, too, and this was their opportunity to explore new possibilities.

But Nix Jones has other ideas.  He’s not willing to give up his cushy, carefree life as the doctor’s significant other and is determined to get back into Leigh’s good graces.   Can Ben and Leigh hold it together, or will outside forces tear them apart?



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Mac’s Damaged Dom, The Wilton Park Grand Hotel Six by Skye Michaels   PURCHASE

Steven “Steel” Cameron was a Major in the U.S. Army when both of his lower legs were blown off by an IED in Iraq over nine years ago.  The trauma was heightened by the fact that his wife of several years couldn’t handle the shock of how her handsome husband looked with two metal sticks to replace the strong, muscular legs that were no longer there.  Steel, a Master Dom, never allowed his subs to see him completely naked.  He hid his damaged legs and prostheses under tall, black riding boots at the club.

MacAlister “Mac” Smith was a biomedical engineer, prosthetist and physical therapist working on the design of the latest mind-controlled robotic limbs.  Mac has seen and admired Master Steel at The Black Iris Club for months and thinks he would make a good candidate for Mac’s clinical trials of the new generation of robotic legs.  He had also noticed that Steel did not seem to connect emotionally with any of his subs.  Mac had accepted his homosexuality years ago, but he was still trying to come to terms with his need to be a submissive.  He didn’t understand what drove him to want to turn himself over to another person completely and call that person Master.  He was at the top of his field and totally in control in the lab.  Why did he need to subjugate himself to another person sexually?

Can these two very different individuals overcome their emotional and physical problems and blend into a strong D/s partnership?  Can Steel let go and give his heart again?  Can Mac come to terms with his submissive needs?



QUINN’S SECRET GIFTS, The Wilton Park Grand Hotel Seven by Skye Michaels   PURCHASE AMAZON            PURCHASE BOOKSTRAND

Irish born and trained large animal veterinarian, Quinn O’Laughlin, has a secret.  He has developed a loyal and wealthy clientele who trust him with the wellbeing of their best friends and equine partners in the small but international horse community of Wellington, Florida.  Since his arrival in the United States from Dublin, Quinn has not been truthful with them.  While he is on the cutting edge of veterinary medicine, it is his other gifts that are most useful.  His equine patients aren’t spilling the beans that it is Quinn’s healing hands and ability to communicate with them mind-to-mind that are his greatest talents. Quinn knows that the suspicious, sometimes superstitious, and über-careful horse owners might take that particular ability askance so he keeps it just between himself and his horse patients.

International open jumping star and Master Dom, Jessop Stoneman, is one of Quinn’s clients.  Jess had followed Quinn from his job at a prestigious Wellington equine clinic to his own new solo veterinary practice.  While Jess finds Quinn interesting and very attractive in an elemental way, he had been in another relationship when they met.  Now that his on-again, off-again affair with his ex-jumping trainer, Gordon Smith, is definitely off for good, Jess is interested in finding out just which way the ethereal, red-headed Irishman actually swings and if he might join Jess in his BDSM leanings.

The opening of the international Winter Equestrian Festival is rife with excitement and danger in the air when some very valuable horses go missing. What can the vet and the jumper expect of this pre-Olympic show season on both the professional and personal levels?  And can Quinn help to solve the mystery of the kidnapped horses?




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