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By:   Skye Michaels

Chapter One

Forty-Second Street, New York, New York, Friday, October 7, 2016, afternoon

The day was crisp and cool with a beautiful blue sky, but Jake Setterfield hardly noticed. He was getting desperate as he made his way from costume shop to costume shop on bustling 42nd Street in the City. He had to find the perfect Halloween costume this year. Just any old vampire or pirate suit would not do the trick—or treat. He knew in his mind’s eye what he was looking for—sort of.   That could be a problem, though. When a person went out looking for something with a preconceived idea in their head, they were destined to be disappointed. The annual Halloween costume contest at the Le Club Lower East Side – Manhattan, Jake’s ultra-discreet BDSM club, was wildly popular among the members every year.

This year the first prize was a scene with the Dom of the winner’s choice as well as a cash prize for first, second and third place winners. First place winners were encouraged to choose an unattached Dom if they wanted more than just a scene. Jake wanted the whole enchilada. He had been mooning after one of the Master Doms at the club for months, and he would really love this opportunity to get to know him. Most of the Doms at the club were hetero or maybe bi, but Sebastian Warfield was definitely gay. He made no apologies or disclaimers, and Jake really admired that. Until recently Sebastian had been in a committed relationship which mysteriously dissolved. No one at the club knew the details as Sebastian was a very private person. Jake just knew Sebastian made his heart flutter and his dong ding. He giggled to himself. He hoped it was to himself since walking down 42nd Street giggling all alone would be frowned upon and could bring unwanted attention in the form of being scooped up and taken to Belleview by the men in the white coats with the little nets.

Jake had always known he was different than his siblings. When he’d figured out that it was because he was gay and liked other guys like some guys liked girls, he’d been devastated. He didn’t know how to deal with the revelation. It had taken some work on his part and help from his loving family to get past the shock of it all. Finally, his dad had said, “Son, I wish it were otherwise and you were destined to have an easier life, but you have to accept yourself as you are and make the best life you can.   Your mother and I support you in all your efforts in every way, and hope that you will live a happy, contented life. Hopefully you will find the one person for you.” With the anticipated family pressure off the table, Jake had been able to settle onto his own path. He’d made friends in school whom he’d had ever since because he just was who he was—no pretense or excuses. Anyone could accept him or not as they chose.

Four years at the Professional Performing Arts High School in Manhattan followed by four years at Columbia had put a polish on his drama and musical theater skills. He’d had chorus line parts in several Broadway musicals during high school and college, and answered numerous Broadway casting calls when something that suited him came up. But he was still trying for that one magical part and his big break. In the meantime, he waited tables and tutored other aspiring students to supplement his trust fund income. A lot of actors didn’t have the luxury of knowing that they wouldn’t starve no matter what happened. His acting skills also came in handy at the club. Jake was really good at roll-playing scenes where a little high drama, as well as makeup and wardrobe skills, was called for.

Besides being drop dead gorgeous with a ripped body and glistening black wavy hair and dark eyes, Sebastian Warfield was an Off-Broadway director and producer. He certainly would be a great contact to have whether or not they got into a relationship.  But that was not Sebastian’s main draw for Jake. Sebastian was just so sexy and commanding with a very Dommy presence. Watching him in action made Jake want to fall to his knees and say, “Anything you want, Master.”

Sebastian Warfield was contemplating skipping the Halloween costume party at Le Club this year. He really wasn’t in a party mood. His breakup with Maximillian was still on his mind. He was sure he’d done the right thing in cutting Max loose, but he was lonely. Max had become more and more demanding and more and more of a drama queen by the day. Sebastian thought he was ready for a permanent relationship, and he didn’t want one that was constant drama, tears, and recriminations. Oh well, Halloween was the one night of the year when he could really and truly be himself with no one the wiser. Warlocks could not go out in full costume and flaunt their powers on just any night of the year. Maybe I’ll get lucky and meet someone new at the club. You just never know what is coming down the road.   Besides, it was damn hard to say no to Barbara Brown when she was on the take for her charities. He laughed to himself.   He had just the outfit tucked in the back of his closet.



Chapter Two

Le Club Eastside – Manhattan, Lower East Side of Manhattan, New York, Monday night, October 31, 2016

Jake stepped through the door at Le Club with a skitter of nerves coasting down his spine. This was it. His big chance to meet and get to know Sebastian Warfield. Le Club was located in an old factory building on the lower Eastside of Manhattan. The entire parking lot was fenced and under camera surveillance, and entrance was gained through a palm scanner on the aged brick pillar. He drove through the high, black iron gates into the heavily secured parking lot, parked his red Kia Soul, and then walked to the back door of the club. The rear entrance to Le Club and the parking lot were unmarked. There was no clue as to what the warehouse building contained. The only signs said “No Trespassing” and “Danger/Enter at Your Own Risk”.

Again Jake put his palm to the security plate located beside the heavy metal door and went inside. The club was buzzing that night, and the costumed participants and spectators were all standing around waiting for the action to begin as cocktail waiters circulated with trays of drinks and hors d’oeuvres. It was a popular event and the costumes ranged from Star Wars to Star Trek, vampires, witches, and goblins of every description, as well as the more mundane celebrity look-alikes. There was no sub or Dom-wear in evidence, and members not participating in the contest were in formal wear.

Jake glanced around but did not see Sebastian Warfield in the lobby or main dungeon area. Maybe he just didn’t recognize him. Yikes. That Klingon could be Warfield or the grim reaper with the cowl hood pulled down over his face. Jake took a mojito from a tray and began to circulate checking out the competition. There were some excellent costumes here, but he was a professional, and, if he did say so himself, the modifications he’d made to his costume were brilliant. He grinned as one of the subs he was friendly with came up to congratulate him.

“Looking good, Setterfield. How many transvestite Lady MacBeth’s could there be?”

“Not many I’m hoping, John. I like your Dr. Spock, by the way. Have you seen Sebastian Warfield? I’ve been all the way around and haven’t spotted him yet.”

“Are you still on that kick? I don’t think you are going to be able to crack that nut.”

“You never know until you try.”

“True, but no, I haven’t seen him. My Mistress has arrived. See you later and good luck.”

John was right about one thing. Warfield was going to be a hard nut to crack by all accounts, but Jake wanted the chance to try. Barbara Brown, the well-known Domme and philanthropist, called the group to order. “We’re about to start the contest. Anyone desiring to participate in the contest should have already paid the entrance fee. If not, please do so now.” She smiled at the general grumbling sounds. “Never mind that. You know the proceeds of this evening will be split amongst our roster of charities for this year. It wouldn’t hurt anyone to drop a little extra into the bucket.” Jake had already done that. It was a painless way to contribute. Ah, there he is.   Master Warfield was dressed as a warlock complete with swirling black cape, tight pants and silk shirt open to the waist with a pale face darkened by a scruff of beard, kohl-lined eyes, and his long black hair spread across his broad shoulders. Very effective and downright hot.

The contestants were divided into categories and the judging began with preferences being determined by the loudness of the clapping. The finalists were winnowed down to a dozen.   Soon there were six left, and then only three. Jake was relieved to still be in the running.

It was time for the three finalists to strut their stuff one-by-one on the makeshift stage. Jake’s stomach was jumping with excitement. He was so close to his dream of a scene with Sebastian Warfield.   Each of the three contestants strolled on stage to model their costumes with Jake last.

Jake did a full runway stroll. His long gown in cream velvet highlighted the dramatic blood dripping down the right side of the gown from his bloody hand which grasped a blood-stained dagger. The dress was split up the front to show his taut body encased in a skin-colored body suit.   He wore a long black wig over his naturally blond curls and had applied the standard Lady MacBeth stage makeup. The bodice of the gown was open from the neck to the waist and the body suit camouflaged the breast implants that gave him a woman’s shape. When the deafening applause quieted down he’d won first place. Second went to the Klingon, and third to Marilyn Monroe. OMG, he now just had to have the balls to choose Sebastian Warfield for his prize. He hoped he had the nerve to go through with it.

Barbara Brown went up on the stage to congratulate each of the contestants and to hand out checks. She turned to Jake. “As you know, Jake, part of first prize is a scene with the Dom or Domme of your choice, to be conducted in the main dungeon tonight. Are you ready to choose?”

“Thank you, Mistress Brown. I choose a scene with Master Warfield.” There was a gasp from certain members of the audience, and then the room broke out in loud applause. Apparently his choice was popular.

“Excellent, Jake. We’ll break for refreshments, and you can have some time to confer with Master Warfield about hard limits, etcetera. How does that sound?”

“Wonderful, Mistress. Thank you.” Jake looked out over the audience and made eye contact with Sebastian Warfield. He hoped he hadn’t made a mistake.



Chapter Three

The main dungeon at Le Club Eastside – Manhattan, Lower East Side of Manhattan, New York, Monday night, October 31, 2016, 11:00 p.m.


Sebastian was surprised that Jake Setterfield had chosen a scene with him. He really hadn’t anticipated that he would be center stage tonight. He’d noticed the sleek sub with the head of blond curls and sparkling green eyes on several occasions, but he’d had his hands full with Max at the time. Since then, he had really not been on the lookout for someone new. But maybe it was time to change that.

Jake appeared before him, bowed his head, and said, “Good evening, Master Warfield. I hope I have not been too forward in choosing a scene with you.”

The sub had nice protocol manners. “No, sub. That will be fine. Let’s find a quiet seat in the aftercare area and have a chat about hard limits. I understand our scene is to be held at midnight.”

“I believe that is correct, Master. I would very much like to confer with you regarding hard limits.”

Sebastian gestured for Jake to fall in behind him and made his way to the aftercare area and a comfortable-looking gray suede sofa. He sat down and motioned for Jake to assume the slave position at his feet.   Very pretty. When Jake was in position he continued. “Well, sub, what are your hard limits?”

“Nothing out of the ordinary, Master. No extreme whipping, bondage, fire, water, breathe, or potty play.”

“Then I take it non-extreme impact play and bondage are acceptable?”

“Yes, Master.”

“Shall we go with red, yellow and green for safe words?”

“Yes, Master.”

The sub now looked a tad nervous—which was as it should be. Just imagine how nervous he’d be if he knew he was about to have a Halloween scene with a real warlock. Sebastian had dabbled in the dark arts when he was younger, but as he’d matured he had distanced himself from his coven and paranormally gifted family. Some of their practices went against his grain. In business he had no need of dark arts to succeed, and so he usually did not practice them. That didn’t mean he couldn’t have a little fun once in a while. “Fine then. Let’s proceed to set up the scene. Since you are outfitted as Lady MacBeth, you may as well stay in character, or at least time period.” He was going to keep what he had in mind to himself. Let subbie be surprised.

Jake’s heart did a little stutter. Sebastian had looked fabulous in club attire, but the warlock getup took his breath away. There was just something about it. An authenticity maybe? Sebastian was also in the theater after all. Jake couldn’t pinpoint what he was thinking. Despite his nerves and the fear in the pit of his belly, he wanted to peel off that silk shirt to find the treasure beneath and lick his way up and back down that chest to the prize. Sebastian was darkly delicious.

Sebastian led him to the hanging chains in the middle of the dungeon. The station was lit by a spotlight from the high, industrial ceiling of the warehouse. “We’re in the scene, sub. Put on your wrist and ankle cuffs, and then stand at parade rest, arms behind your back and feet spread apart. I’ll check the cuffs for fit.” When that had been accomplished he said, “Stand under the chains facing the room.”   He fastened Jake’s arms over his head and adjusted the length of the chains until his feet just barely touched the floor.   Sebastian’s voice was an octave lower, and he appeared even more imposing than he had just moments ago. “Well, sub—Jake—do you want to explore the dark side with me?”

“Yes, Master.”

Sebastian circled just outside the edges of the spotlight. Jake could see little more than the outline of his dark presence. He twirled with his arms raised high and his cape spread out around him. Suddenly, Jake felt slightly dizzy and the rest of the dungeon and their audience phased out of his consciousness for a moment. When he came back to himself, his cream velvet gown lay billowing around his feet and he was standing in only the skin-colored body suit. How the heck did that happen? He had no memory of Master Sebastian removing the gown. Applause rang out from the crowd surrounding the hanging chains, and Jake could hear the puzzled comments from the audience. They had no idea how he had suddenly lost his outer costume either. Sebastian twirled again and a hush fell over the crowd.   Jake found himself suddenly naked and just as confused and amazed. The audience seemed to be waking from a daze as well.

The Master came up behind him and slowly ran his big, strong hands down over Jake’s back and ass. He felt the heat of those hands penetrate his suddenly chilled skin. Sebastian bit and then kissed the back of his neck. He wanted to move back into Sebastian’s broad chest but didn’t dare. The loud sound of a cracking smack bounced off the walls before Jake felt the sharp sting on his butt. He was now really beginning to feel disoriented. He was naked and didn’t know how he’d gotten that way, and he was hearing sounds before he felt the repercussion. It was unworldly. It was scary. Although this scene was a dream come true, he thought he might scream.

Sebastian was pleased with the result of his spell. He hadn’t done that in a long time and hadn’t been sure it would work. By the look on his sub’s face and the applause of the crowd, the move had been a success although no one knew exactly what had happened. He bundled Jake’s black hair over his shoulder out of the way and efficiently rolled a condom onto his nearly erect cock. It wouldn’t do to make a mess on the floor.

He chose a soft suede flogger and began a swirling double Florentine pattern up and down Jake’s back, butt and thighs. The rhythmic strikes and deep massaging feeling soon had Jake zoning out. He didn’t want him to slip into subspace too soon. They were just beginning. He laid the flogger down and stepped up into Jake’s space. He ran his hands over his back and soothed the now pink skin. Jake was no longer cold. “What’s your color, sub?”

“Green, Master.”

“Very good, sub.” He picked up a short tail whip and curled the tail around his hand. He snapped his wrist and the whip sang.   He walked in front of the sub again making sure he saw the wicked little whip as well as heard it. He could feel Jake’s anxiety ramping up. That was always good for a mind fuck. Illusions were half the ingredients for a successful scene.   The sub had to believe he was about to get a whipping. Sebastian moved behind Jake again, raised his arm and took several practice strikes against a convenient pillar. It wouldn’t do to underestimate his strike distance and damage the sub. Sebastian practiced religiously with his whips and was a master of leather impact tools, but they could be dangerous and safety always came first.

Jake was beautiful stretched long and sleek under the chains. He was a gorgeous sight even though his golden curls were hidden under the long black wig and his eyelids drooped over his usually sparkling green eyes. “Sub, eyes on me. Pay attention. I wouldn’t want you to miss any of your punishment.” Jake’s eyes popped open and the look of fear on his face was gratifying.

Sebastian raised his arm again and let the whip fly. He rained a barrage of quick, slightly stinging butterfly kisses up and down Jake’s back. He heard Jake’s gasp of surprise as he realized that the whip strikes were no more than bee stings and not the searing pain he had expected. He continued the assault on Jake’s back and thighs, ending with a sharp strike across his adorable ass.   He dropped the whip and moved in to embrace Jake who was now slumped in the chains. Sebastian laughed to himself as he felt Jake’s muscles relax and the fear drain out of his body. His hand dropped down to grasp Jake’s cock, and a few discreet pumps had him spewing his load into the condom as a monumental orgasm rocked his body. Sebastian wondered if he would even remember coming at his Master’s hand.

Jake’s full weight was now against Sebastian’s chest as he drifted into subspace. Sebastian picked Jake up into his arms while one of the dungeon monitors released his cuffs from the chains. Sebastian walked to the aftercare area and sat down in one of the huge leather chairs with Jake nestled in his lap. The dungeon monitor picked up Jake’s costume, folded it and placed it beside the chair. He then handed him two bottles of chilled water and a blanket to wrap around Jake as he lay zoned out in his arms, finally falling into a peaceful sleep. Sebastian removed the black wig before disposing of Jake’s condom and quickly cleaning him. He certainly was a satisfying armful, and Sebastian relaxed back against the chair and just enjoyed holding his sub. He placed a light kiss on Jake’s forehead. He had not realized how much he missed this. He and Max had not enjoyed a peaceful relationship in the months before their breakup. Sebastian knew he was ready for something new—someone new.

Jake slowly awoke. He felt warm and safe, and he snuggled back against the broad chest and muscled arms that held him. He glanced up and saw Sebastian’s relaxed profile. God, the man was handsome, if somewhat forbidding in all his dark glory. That had been a fantastic scene—frightening and exciting at the same time. Had he screamed? Did he actually come? He wasn’t sure, but the feeling of well-being and relaxation thrumming through his body told him he had. He wanted to give something back to the Master for this amazing feeling.   Could he? Would Sebastian allow him to reciprocate?

Sebastian was almost asleep when Jake said, “Master, may I pleasure you?”   He looked down at Jake’s sweet face. “Yes, sub, you may.” Jake slipped to his knees between Sebastian’s thighs. Jake competently unbuttoned the crotch of his leathers and freed his cock.

Jake’s hot mouth came down over him, and he watched Jake’s golden curls bob over his groin as his cock disappeared between Jake’s lips. Sebastian could not stay still any longer and began to fuck Jake’s mouth. The feeling was sublime. As Jake worked his balls and cock, Sebastian’s back began to arch, and he felt his balls tighten. He ran his fingers through Jake’s blond curls and cupped the back of his head. He knew the blast was coming.   Finally, the cum rose from his depths and shot down Jake’s throat. Sebastian hoped he hadn’t choked Jake with the powerful spurt. He collapsed back against the chair and his muscles unclenched. “That was amazing, Jake.” Sebastian relaxed with Jake again nestled up against his chest.

Jake was responsive and adorable. He wondered what their future held. Sebastian knew he would like to explore all there was to know about this beautiful sub. He thought he might like to keep him for a while—maybe permanently.   He was certainly a Halloween treat.




The Warfield loft in Tribeca, New York, Friday night, March 10, 2017, 11:30 p.m.

Sebastian felt the black velvet box burning a hole in his pocket. He and Jake had been together for almost five months now, and he thought it was time to formalize their understanding. It was probably also time to reveal that he was a usually non-practicing warlock. The time for that disclosure just never seems right.

It was late, and he was waiting for Jake to finish up after his evening performance and take the subway to his loft in Tribeca. Jake had landed a secondary role in a Broadway musical which had opened a month ago to excellent reviews. Jake’s performance had garnered several favorable mentions in Variety, the Times, and the Post, and he was thrilled. Sebastian was extremely proud of him. Despite their now very close D/s relationship, Jake had insisted on keeping his own apartment in the Village. Sebastian would like to change his mind about that eventually, but he didn’t want to put undue pressure on him. Although Sebastian had offered to speak to the casting director of the musical who was a friend of his to help Jake get the part, Jake had insisted that he wanted to do it on his own. Jake’s independent streak was certainly refreshing after Max. Sebastian wanted to take care of Jake. Slowly but surely over the last months, he had fallen in love with him. Although Jake was fun and affectionate, and the sex, whether scenes or just in bed, was hot, Sebastian wasn’t sure if Jake’s emotions were totally engaged. He wanted more from the beautiful man who haunted his thoughts and dreams.

Sebastian heard Jake’s key turn in the lock and the front door to the loft open. It was a few minutes before Jake appeared in the living room area holding a bottle of red wine in one hand and a brown paper bag in the other. “I picked up some plum wine and dim sum from Song of China.”

“Great. That sounds perfect. I’ll get some glasses and plates.” That’s Jake. Always thoughtful. He wondered what Jake would think about the black velvet box. Sebastian’s stomach had been in a knot since he’d decided to offer Jake a collar. Would he turn it down?

Jake sat down on the black leather sofa and waited as Sebastian went into the kitchen to open and pour the wine and plate the dim sum.

“How was the show tonight?” Sebastian called over his shoulder.

“Great. Standing ovation.”


Jake didn’t know how he was going to broach the subject that had been on his mind for a while now. He knew he had to prod his Dom along a bit. It was time for a more concrete understanding between them. He didn’t want to be pushy, but he needed more from the gorgeous man who was the only one he wanted to be with. He needed the words.

Sebastian came back and sat down on the sofa next to him. He handed Jake a glass of wine and one of the plates. They ate in silence for a few minutes.

“Uh, Sebastian, I was wondering…”

“Jake, there’s something I wanted to talk…” They looked at each other and laughed. “You first.”

“This is hard. But I think I have to say…”

Sebastian’s heart jammed into his throat. Was subbie going to call a halt to their relationship? Had he waited too long to declare his feelings? “What did you want to say?”

“Just that I think we need to move this relationship along a bit.” Jake looked unsure and nervous.

The breath rushed out of Sebastian’s lungs. Thank God. He isn’t going to break up. He reached into his pocket and pulled out the black box and handed it to Jake. “That is exactly what I was thinking, so I got this for you. I hope you will accept it as your collar. I’m not trying to cage you in, and I know how independent you are.” Now he was babbling. He tried to tamp down the butterflies rioting in his stomach. Jake held the box as though he was afraid to open it. “Well, open it. I found it weeks ago and took it to a jeweler for the inscription and cord. I picked it up today.”

Jake cracked the box and peeked inside. Finally he opened it fully to display the contents. The black leather cord with a pendant depicting two colorful gold and enamel harlequin masks was nestled in black velvet. Jake picked it up and turned it over. Both their initials and the date were engraved on a small plaque that had been affixed to the back. “What do you think? It took me forever to find just the right thing. Will you wear my collar, Jake? I’m not good with words, but I want you to know how much you mean to me.”

“I would love to wear your collar, Master. I am good with words. I love you, and have since Halloween. I just didn’t know how you felt about me.”

Sebastian pulled him into his arms for a world-rocking kiss. When he let him up for air he said, “I love you, subbie. You’re the cream in my coffee… and all that romantic stuff. I do have something I have to tell you, though. This is hard. I have…I am…”

“I know, you goof. You’re a warlock. Did you think I wouldn’t figure that out, even though you don’t do warlock-y things often?”

“Well, yeah. That’s what I thought. How long have you known?”

“I was suspicious after our first scene on Halloween. I’d never experienced anything like that. It blew my mind, when I was able to think again.” He laughed. “It took me a while to really figure it out because, well, that’s a little off the wall, you know?”

“And you weren’t afraid?”

“Of course not. You could have hurt me if you’d wanted to, but you never have, despite the hot ass I get once in a while.”

“How do you feel about that?”

“The hot ass or you being a warlock?”


“I’m good with both. Actually, I’m great with it, Master.” He picked up the pendant and examined it more closely. “This is old, Sebastian. I love it.”

“It’s an antique Louis Comfort Tiffany enamel and gold piece. I’d seen a picture of one like it in a coffee table book about Tiffany’s jewelry. I knew it was just the perfect thing for your collar.”   He took the pendant from Jake and turned him around. He fastened it around his neck. “Now you’re mine, subbie. It’s you and me from now on.”

“That’s right. And about time.”

“Don’t smart off, sub, or you could find yourself with another one of those hot asses.”

“That would be my pleasure, Master.”


The End

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