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Check out my Author Interview on USA TODAY’s HEA Blog!

Here is the link for my author interview on USA TODAY’s Romance Blog, Happy Ever After.

USA TODAY INTERVIEW 9-1-16     http://happyeverafter.usatoday.com/2016/09/01/skye-michaels-interview-quinns-secret-gifts/

I am so excited. Whodathunk it a few short years ago when I started on this crazy merry-go-round? It’s been so much fun along the way, and now I am working on Book #35 – Isabella’s Pirate Dom. I like to go back and forth between the Male/female and Male/male books. When I started my Male/male series, The Wilton Park Grand Hotel series, the publisher thought I might be making a mistake, and that this new path would alienate my Male/female readers. That has not turned out to be the case, and I am glad. I hope some of you from each camp will take a chance and read something from the other series. As I always say: Love is love, sex is sex (except for some mechanical differences) and relationships are relationships. If you don’t have a good story, you don’t have a book no matter how much sex there is. Happy reading on this blustery Labor Day weekend! I hope all of you are safe. I hope my beloved house in Ocala is still standing when I get there on Saturday.

Skye xoxo




I have to admit that I, myself, need a twelve-step program. I think I might start one—maybe I’ll call it Sexy Book Readers Anonymous! That could go two ways: A the reader is sexy, or B the reader is reading sexy books. Either way, it’s a winner.

I just finished ordering seven books for my Kindle. I read the first free one, and low and behold, there was another free one. Then…I downloaded six more by the same author. I admit it. I am a binge reader. If I enjoy that first book, I’m destined to read them all—and in order, thank you very much.

I recently read a series that I really enjoyed, only to find out that that author’s publisher had encouraged her to write other books set in the same locale and with a lot of the same characters with a co-author. Those books were published under the other author’s name first so I did not know about them. That scenario created a ton of confusion for me, and I ended up reading the books OUT OF ORDER. I WAS NOT HAPPY!   Things were happening off the time line. People were couples who had not yet gotten together. Disasters had happened and I didn’t know about them.

You won’t find that in my series (see the Bookshelf on the website www.skyemichaelsbooks.com). I like to have a good, sexy story with a happy ending and all plot lines wrapped up before the end of the series. If you’d like to try a Skye Michaels series, I would suggest starting with The Black Iris Club. It’s only four books. The heroines are two cops and two attorneys and their stories intermingle, although all the books are stand alone. The BDSM sex is hot, and the stories are good: dealing with a serial killer, human trafficking, gang violence and veterans’ PTSD issues. I have always felt that if you don’t have a good story, you don’t have a book—no matter how much sex there is or how hot.

I hope you will give Kaylin, Chloe, Gabby and Nikki a chance!



Check out my friend, Mardi Maxwell and Club Mystique!

I am featuring my friend, MARDI MAXWELL, on the blog today since I am hoping to encourage her to write the next installment of The Club Mystique series. I have read and loved them all! I want more!  Here are some short blurbs to whet your appetite! These books are available on Bookstrand. Com as well as Amazon and other fine e-book retailers.



[Siren Classic: Erotic Consensual BDSM Romantic Suspense, exhibitionism, spanking, flogging, sex toys, HEA]

TO LOVE AND OBEY (The Doms of Club Mystique 1) Cade Ramsey is a man women love to hate…until they fall in love with him. He refuses to admit he feels more than lust for Addison Matthews until he almost loses her forever. She’s put up with a lot from him but every woman has her limits. (on sale at Amazon for 0.99 cents)

JACKSON’S SUB (The Doms of Club Mystique 2) Jackson Ramsey sent Jenna Parnelle away after she gave him one night of passionate submission. Now he has to win her back but she’s determined to protect her heart from further heartbreak.

THEIR TEMPORARY SUB (The Doms of Club Mystique 3) Twin brothers, Luc and Logan Ramsey, know they want one woman to share as their wife and sub. When they meet Cassie Edwards, Logan knows she’s the one. Now he has to convince her to stay while he talks Luc into taking a chance on love.

ZANE’S CHOICE (The Doms of Club Mystique 4) Zane Ramsey fell into lust the moment Ravyn Templeton walked into his office. The only problem – he’s an up and coming prosecuting attorney and she’s on the shady side of the law.

NATE’S NAUGHTY NYMPH (The Doms of Club Mystique 5) Nate MacLeod had given up on relationships until Nymph Lachlan walked back into his life. Together the two of them hunt the man who tried to kill him and harm his sons. When their mission leads them to Rendezvous Texas Nate is forced to reveal his identity to the five Ramsey brothers.

THE RAMSEY DOMS (The Doms of Club Mystique 6) a novella – Cade Ramsey refuses to believe his best friend and business partner Thor Larkin is dead. He leaves his pregnant wife, Addison, in the care of his brothers while he travels to Colombia to search for him. Jackson, Luc, Logan and Zane keep Addison out of trouble while they make plans for their own futures with their ladies.

Buy at: http://www.bookstrand.com/mardi-maxwell

Mardi 1Mardi 2Mardi 3

Mardi 4Mardi 5Mardi 6

It’s Skye Michaels’ Day on ManLove Fantasies Summer Contest!


Please visit http://manlovefantasies.blogspot.com/?zx=c43f5d365cda25e4m today and read Sparks Fly, my contribution to the daily free stories and summer contest. The story is about Timothy Snow, Madison Snow Hamilton’s gay brother, and the high school football star who had never come out of the closet.  Please also check out my Manlove series, The Wilton Park Grand Hotel for some great Male/male BDSM love stories.  As I always say, if you don’t have a good story, you don’t have a book.   All the sex in the world won’t make up for no story.

Below is the blurb and cover of Quinn’s Secret Gifts, my next Manlove story coming out on Bookstrand. com in September.


By Skye Michaels

The Wilton Park Grand Hotel Seven

Irish born and trained large animal veterinarian, Quinn O’Laughlin, has a secret. He has developed a loyal and wealthy clientele who trust him with the wellbeing of their best friends and equine partners in the small but international horse community of Wellington, Florida. Since his arrival in the United States from Dublin, Quinn has not been truthful with them. While he is on the cutting edge of veterinary medicine, it is his other gifts that are most useful. His equine patients aren’t spilling the beans that it is Quinn’s healing hands and ability to communicate with them mind-to-mind that are his greatest talents. Quinn knows that the suspicious, sometimes superstitious, and über-careful horse owners might take that particular ability askance so he keeps it just between himself and his horse patients.

International open jumping star and Master Dom, Jessop Stoneman, is one of Quinn’s clients. Jess had followed Quinn from his job at a prestigious Wellington equine clinic to his own new solo veterinary practice. While Jess finds Quinn interesting and very attractive in an elemental way, he had been in another relationship when they met. Now that his on-again, off-again affair with his ex-jumping trainer, Gordon Smith, is definitely off for good, Jess is interested in finding out just which way the ethereal, red-headed Irishman actually swings and if he might join Jess in his BDSM leanings.

The opening of the international Winter Equestrian Festival is rife with excitement and danger in the air when some very valuable horses go missing. What can the vet and the jumper expect of this pre-Olympic show season on both the professional and personal levels? And can Quinn help to solve the mystery of the kidnapped horses?



  • Skye MichaelsSkye-Michaels-erotic-books-sex-skye-michaels-books-BDSM-man-love-grand-hotel-series


IT’S HORSE RACING SEASON at Skye Michaels Books!

IT’S HORSE RACING SEASON! Non-horse lovers may call it Spring, but they are deluded. The 142nd Kentucky Derby Run For the Roses was last week at Churchill Downs, Lexington, Kentucky, and the winner was Nyquist. The Kentucky Derby is the longest running American sports event. If you love drama, there is always a ton of drama surrounding the Derby – and lots of beautiful horses and beautiful people to watch.

Check out my LeClub Series for some Hot, Sexy, Good Stories set in Ocala, Florida, the Horse Capital of the World (according to Ocalaites anyway! Some other locales may differ on that opinion).   I hope you will read Madison and Ross’s story in Madison’s Choice, Book 5, and Belinda and Matt’s story in Belinda’ Crown, Book 6, which are set against the drama of the Kentucky Derby and the Triple Crown. No spoiler here, but this is ROMANCE people!

I hope you will give these books a try and get into the mood for this year’s best horse races! Hopefully Nyquist will go all the way for Triple Crown like last year’s winner, American Pharoah who broke the long standing record and actually became the 12th Triple Crown winner in history!

Please visit my website, www.skyemichaelsbooks.com and follow me on Twitter at @skyemichaels

The Le Club Series



The Le Club Series


I had a wonderful day yesterday in lovely Rainbow Springs State Park with my family who are on Easter break. See the pictures below.  Yes the water is that blue and clear.  400 MILLION gallons of water pump out of the springs every day at the head waters of the Rainbow River and the temperature is 72 degrees year round.  BRRR.  I’m a hot cookie so that  is too cold for me!  LOL, but not the kids who swam all day between eating fried chicken and potato salad and watermellon.  This is the real Florida, just as described in my Le Club series set in the exciting world of thoroughbred racing and other horse venues.  The stories center around six couples and the sexy, secret BDSM club located in the historic section of downtown Ocala.  (Read the excerpts in the Book Shelf section of the website.)   Impossible you say?  Not at all as I have spoken with some folks in the BDSM lifestyle who actually live in Ocala, Florida.  The stories are hot, sexy and just plain good romance.  I hope you will give them a try – especially if you love horses (and hot sexy stories) like I do.  Book 5 and 6 are about the Kentucky Derby and the Triple Crown!  Very timely.  And don’t forget to check out my NAUGHTY TOY SCAVENGER HUNT CONTEST (See the Blog below!)   Have a great weekend and do something special with your friends or family!  –  Skye

Rainbow Springs IMG_0480

Rainbow Springs 4-1-16Rainbow Springs 3 4-1-16



SOME ADVICE FOR PEOPLE WHO WANT TO BE WRITERS – Which Applies to All Genres – Certainly Not Just Erotic Romance

Recently I have spoken with several people who told me they also wanted to write and asked how to get started. My best advice is just TO START.  Write something.  Open a directory on your computer and start a Notes page.  Think about your plot as you drive to and from work.   Jot down character studies, location ideas, plot ideas.  Get something – anything – on paper.   That’s what editing is for, to make sense of your crazy first draft.


Some writers outline every nuance and plot twist chapter by chapter spending days or weeks getting it just right before they ever write a word. I have written thirty books, and I have never done an outline. I might have an idea for a plot:  Girl goes on BDSM cruise with her girlfriend.   Across the deck she sees the guy who stood her up for prom fifteen years ago and broke her little teenage heart.   That’s it.  Write Chapter One and GO.  That is the plot for Cassandra’s Revenge, Book 4 of The Golden Dolphin Series.  I have to say it’s one of my favorite books.  Who among us hasn’t had her little heartbroken at one time or another and wanted some payback.  Well, here I got it for all of us.


In Violette’s Vibrato, Book 3 of the Golden Dolphin series, my heroine (First Violin with the NY Philharmonic) was in trouble with a guy in the Russian Mob.  The story was coming along well.  The Hero and heroine were great together.  AND THEN I didn’t know how to finish it off.  How the heck was I going to solve the problem?  How do you get rid of the Russian mob?  It wasn’t any easier in my book than I expect it would be in real life.  I thought and thought (this is the part where I wish I’d outlined) and then one morning I woke up early and just knew what to do.  My subconscious had worked out a solution.  I rushed to jot it down – if I don’t my brilliant ideas drift off into space never to be seen again.


It really doesn’t matter how you approach the project. The outliner spends a ton of time getting ready to write.  The pantster just goes for it.  Either way, you have to spend the time.  I sometimes find that in the middle of a book I don’t know where I’m going or what to do next.  Then I have to spend the time figuring it out that the outliner has already invested.   Six of one – half a dozen of another.   The trick is to JUST DO IT.  Find the method that suits you best.  Try both and see how it goes.  Just get started if it has always been your dream.  Turn lemons into lemonade.   I lost my job and gained a whole new career.  A door closes and a window pops open…and all those clichés.  They are clichés for a reason.


Writing is fun. Every day is something new, and I get to share the adventures of all my characters (I love the girls  like children, the guys I just love!).  My series, The Black Iris Club, starts with Kaylin’s Pursuit, the story of a homicide detective in Fort Lauderdale (my home town) who during the course of an investigation of a serial killer meets and falls in love with the sexy and rich (they always are – who wants real life?) Dom, Jack Dalton Brown.  He owns a BDSM club in the penthouse of the building where the body was found.  Kaylin goes into the club undercover to root out the serial killer.  That’s all I knew when I started.  The four books of the series also include: Chloe’s Rescue (human trafficking), Gabriella’s Prosecution (gang violence), and Nicollette’s Defense (PTSD and veteran’s issues).


The one thing you really need is a good story. Without a story, you don’t have a book.  If it’s only about sex, the reader (and I include myself in that group because I also read) gets bored and loses interest.  If you have a good story, they will want to read the story even if some just glance over the sex.


Another saying is “write the book you want to read.” Well I have done that thirty times and I’m not tired of it yet – so give writing a try if you think you might like it.  I hope you will sign up for my Blog, follow me on Twitter at @skyemichaels and check out my fan page on Facebook, Skye Michaels Books.  I love to hear from readers, so drop me a line and let me know what you like and what you don’t (not so much the what you don’t – LOL). – Skye Michaels

Barb in Leiper's Fork 10-15

Book Giveaway Contest Winners


Thanks to everyone who participated in the Book Giveaway Contest in February.

Here are the winners:

First Prize to Chandera Desautel (All 4 Black Iris Books)

Second Prize to Lee Todd (Alex and Ricky from Wilton Park with Danny as a surprise extra book)

Third Prize to Walt Tucker (Alex from Wilton Park)

Runner Up Third Prize to Anthony Taylor (Alex from Wilton Park)

All books have been sent out in PDF.  Please let me know if you are unable to open any of the books.

It was a lot of fun.  Now I have to think up a new contest!  Feel free to communicate any bright ideas.  I can use them.





Why I Write BDSM! By Skye Michaels



I have often been asked why I write most of my stories in the BDSM genre.   The answer would be because it’s interesting, sexy and a little edgy.  Certainly, it is not for everyone, but the people who love it REALLY love it.   I was writing in this genre before I ever heard about Fifty Shades of Gray.  I know.  I know.  My head must have been buried in the sand.

BDSM is something different that people are interested in. You never know.  Your neighbors may be living the lifestyle and you have no idea.   Jim and Mary Jane next door may have a dungeon in their basement.   I have to say that this genre is very popular even among people who are not actively participating or interested in the lifestyle or would even ever consider it.  People have all kinds of unacknowledged fantasies—many of them very private.

I know that when I stumbled upon a couple of BDSM ebooks, I loved them, read more, and decided I could write them. While I am not currently a participant in a BDSM relationship, I wouldn’t rule it out.  I might be interested if I had a partner I trusted to that degree.  That’s the thing.   It’s all about trust.  In my opinion, if you don’t trust your partner, you would be insane to let him handcuff you to a cross, blindfold you and then paddle your butt!

As I am sure most of you know (but some may not) BDSM stands for Bondage & Discipline, Dominance & Submission and Sadomasochism, or some other scramble of those ingredients. Some people also refer to it as the ‘lifestyle.’  Some prefer to refer to it as a “community.”  It includes Dominance and submission, role-playing, bondage, orgasm denial, breath, knife, impact play, and things like that.  The participants are a very accepting, non-judgmental group of people.  What floats your boat may not float mine.  The only hard and fast rules are that play must be “safe, sane and consensual” and safe words are sacred.

Dominance and submission or D/s is a category of relationship under the BDSM umbrella. It is basically a power exchange.  One party (the submissive or bottom) gives over their personal power to the other party (the Dominant or Top) who is then in charge of the relationship. These relationships can come in any flavor and degree of commitment—heterosexual, homosexual, lesbian, polyamour.    It is often said that the submissive drives the bus and has the real power because what they are willing to agree to governs the relationship.   It is completely consensual, and all parties must get pleasure from the exchange.   The pleasure also comes in many flavors and is specific to the individuals.  Hard limits are negotiated beforehand and safe words are used.  This is not abuse.

Like in anything else, people are different. Some just want to play in the bedroom or have a Dominant/submissive vibe to their relationship, while some want to live full-time Master/slave relationships.

I have met and talked with many of these people. I recently attended a writer’s conference where I met many couples who actively engage in the lifestyle.  There were classes, round table discussions and live demonstrations put on by actual participants in the lifestyle. Naked butts were getting paddled everywhere, there was suspension bondage, vampire gloves (oooh – loved them) and violet wands were in use.  We were able to ask questions (nothing off the table), handle the equipment and get an up-close and personal view of what is actually happening.  I got to try whips, floggers, paddles, wooden spoons, and every nature of impact “toy.”

What was interesting to me was that although they may have been of different flavors, you could see the love in these relationships. Some couples were more “high protocol” than others, and some were actually in Master/slave, or M/s, relationships.  The women (and a couple of men) who were the submissives were not downtrodden, weak or spineless.  They had jobs (some very responsible and high profile) and went out to earn a living and contribute to society every day as well as run their households and raise their children.  They were not weird, scary or anything like that.  They were not all lingerie or male models.  They were people who have a few sexual interests that might raise eyebrows is some circles, but they are happy, healthy and love their partners.  I went to the conference to learn more, and I was very happy I did.   I was able to bring a lot back to my writing and had a great time.

My books are on the light side of the BDSM spectrum. My heroines (while submissives) are spunky and don’t take any guff.  They are accomplished women who have minds and hearts of their own and choose to give the gift of submission—or not (witness Paula Greenley in Paula’s Commitment who is always topping from the bottom).   They do not all have perfect bodies or lives.  Anne in Anne’s Courage had body image issues due to scars from her breast cancer surgery, and Jamie had to break through some serious barriers.  My heroes are not all perfect either.  They are all handsome and successful.  Come on now.  This is Romance with a Capital “R,” but they have their own issues to overcome.   It’s just like real life—only better.

There is a great quote that I would like to pass along: One word will stop a BDSM scene, while a thousand words will not stop abuse.

Skye Michaels, Erotic Romance With a Dark Edge.


What Does It Take to Be a Great BDSM Heroine?

BAM Blue Scarf 11-5-15 4I love my heroines! They are women of strong character with minds of their own who choose of their own free will to give the gift of submission to their Doms – sometimes.  Sometimes not so much. Some are independent and sassy and some are a bit bratty – which gets them in trouble. The ladies in The Black Iris Club series are cops and attorneys and definitely have minds of their own.  Somehow, though, they all get involved in the BDSM lifestyle and with their gorgeous Doms.  Their struggles with the concept of being strong women and submissives at the same time is half the fun.  The other half is the great sex and the adventure in each of the books. Kaylin’s Pursuit is about a serial killer, Chloe’s Rescue is about human trafficking, Gabriella’s Prosecution is about gang violence, and Nicollette’s Defense is about veterans’ issues.   The Black Dahlia Hotel is a continuation of the Fort Lauderdale theme and our original four girls and their Doms will continue to make appearances. The ladies don’t all have perfect bodies and have some issues.  The stories are good and the sex is hot.  As I always say, “If you don’t have a good story, you don’t have a book.”

Please follow me on Twitter at @skyemichaels and check out the Book Giveaway that is still open until the end of February!  Just sign up and comment on my Blog and be sure to leave your email address.



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